More ADCs please

I recently decided to main as an ADC (instead of sup). I noticed that the amount of champions who can successfully fill the ADC spot is significantly less than champions who can fill any other spot on the rift. What I mean is: Out of the 132 champions in LoL (I've included Kled since he's close), the only champions who can be an ADC are {{champion:51}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:110}} and {{champion:67}}. Thats 15 out of 132. If we take 15 and multiply by 5 (assuming all lanes have same amount of viable laners) we get 75, which is slightly over only half of the full LoL champion pool. Some would argue that I forgot {{champion:42}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:6}} and {{champion:17}}. {{champion:42}} and {{champion:17}} are AP based, so can't be a true ADC. {{champion:203}} relies on taking jungle objectives to maximize her usefulness (if that's even a word) and that means stealing jg cs, and that means constant roaming for no more than just the mark. I've seen {{champion:85}} ADC more than the rest of these oddballs, but that means stacking atk speed since his physical dmg will be based on his W, and true ADCs like {{champion:29}} and {{champion:96}} make much better use of atk speed than a {{champion:85}} ever could (lets not forget {{champion:67}}). {{champion:6}} is sadly out of the meta, so very rarely seen in solo Q or any ranked ques (last I checked he is the LEAST played champion in the game rn); he's on my oddball list for a reason: his ult is very counter-ADC of him. His ult shoots him straight from the bot lane to the top lane. The rest of his kit would be nice as an ADC, but for an ADC to have an ult that would voluntarily put sed ADC in harms way seems rather counter-productive. Best build sudo-tank. Lastly, {{champion:133}} is (in my opinion) the closest oddball to a true ADC. I suppose she could technically play the part, however with her ult and her blind her flanks can be legendary. In that, she makes a much better top laner than she ever would an ADC. EVEN IF my oddball picks were true ADCs, that brings our total to 21 out of 132. Still way less than champions viable in other respective lanes. I welcome arguements to my analogy, I'm in no way an expert on crap (seriously, check my profile). These are my opinions based on what I see and understand. MOAR ADCs THOUGH!
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