@Riot : ARAM has become the new botting ground, it's time to get serious against bots.

{{summoner:6}} {{summoner:7}} This look familiar to you? # League has a botting problem. And now more than ever, Riot needs to take action. We can argue 'til we're blue in the face on TT and what led to its demise. HOWEVER the unfortunate side-effect of removing it is something I feel Riot needs to take heed of and take SERIOUS action against: In my ARAM games, which I haven't seen bots in since... well... YEARS?... I am seeing bots _**almost every other game now**_. I go into their history and they are **ALWAYS** migrants from Twisted Treeline. These are obvious botters. Accounts not piloted by people, but by scripts. They almost always feed/int/contribute NOTHING to the game. They make gameplay worse wherever they go. ... and the current way of reporting has **NO** clear way of reporting this. I can only assume the "cheating" option? But even then, it's not specifically noted that this could be used to report botters. One can argue the bots led to the downfall of TT but it was too unpopular to really do anything about.. but now that they're flocking to ARAM, which is still _**hugely popular**_... it'd be harder to argue in favor of Riot if they just leave this problem to fester.     Botter starter kit: - Runs Ghost {{summoner:6}} and Heal {{summoner:7}} - Played a BUNCH of Twisted Treeline, just now moving to NOTHING but ARAM. - Goes 0/10+, rarely getting any kills, unless on a champ that makes it super easy like Jinx. - (SR-specific, in Co-op VS AI) Will just run it down mid, feeding FB and continuing and continuing to int down mid. In bot games, you can even sometimes get more than one, and you can see how their scripts are actually kinda synced. What about the board? Do you guys have any more clues as to how to identify a botter? Any potential "fixes" to this solution you might want to share with Riot if they're reading this?
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