4/12 mid laner tells me I "take ranked too seriously"

If you or anyone else you know is like this, do us all a favor and STAY THE FUCK OUT OF RANKED. Ranked is DESIGNED to be taken seriously That's literally the only reason it exists as a separate queue from normal games, and when you go into a plat level game and feed like this, but they have the nerve to say "calm down, it's just a game" you are absolutely ENRAGING players like me that do take ranked seriously. Play to win (regardless of elo) or go play normals. I seriously cannot fathom why a player who doesn't take the game seriously would bother to queue up for ranked in the first place. Why would you voluntarily queue up for a game mode that is prone to toxicity and high stress levels by design if all you are looking to do is have fun??? Edit: ty for the upvotes (even though my comments below are getting slammed). I would like to point out something that may help clear things up for some of you people downvoting me and not understanding where I'm coming from: I am in plat, and I am in no way a casual player. In plat, the mentality is far different from that of silver and bronze, or even gold. This tier is widely considered to be the first real step to "high elo" and therefore comes with a significantly increased sense of competition. However, because of players like the one mentioned above (along with the defilement of competitive integrity due to Dynamic Queue) this sense of competition is being absolutely gutted, and it makes ranked far less enjoyable at this level.
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