Does it bother anyone else, when people are extremely useless at beginning of game?

I don't know what it is but it really bothers me when I get into a game and people are afk, eating Cheetos and french onion dip, take minute and a half to get out of our base allowing so much time for possible invades. When I'm mid I always go and ward the river immediately at 35-38 seconds to allow vision if they do try to come steal from there. If I'm bot I always go and ward the tribush immediately to see that path if they are coming that way (blue side on this one). If I'm top, I go and watch either the blue/red buff and ward it for the jungler around 1:25-1:30 if no one comes. I feel like this is essential to starting the game off correctly instead of giving out those silly first bloods and 4 assists to people who are invading as a group. It happens almost every game and I'm not fantastic but around Plat 4 and it still happens almost every game. tl:dr; Why can't people help out their jungle a little bit and possibly prevent their team from getting killed within the first 2 minutes by just using a ward?
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