Nasus needs to reaffrim his identity

{{champion:75}} (and a few others, like Veigar) is supposed to be that late-game fantasy champ that gets progressively stronger as the game goes on. Except, as am sure everyone knows now, Nasus is strongest in the midgame, and starts to fall off in the lategame. Only when Nasus can literally one shot anyone (like 90 minutes in) is the late game fantasy realized. This problem is especially apparent in the current meta, as the "mid" game is much shorter. Nasus has a very limited time to be relevant. A lategame {{champion:75}} will pretty much get crushed in a 1v1 by other lategame champs {{champion:24}}{{champion:114}} {{champion:36}} , which kinda makes him pointless since he's pretty ineffective in teamfights. IMO, Nasus SHOULD be that late game fantasy. But because of the weaknesses in his kit he is difficult to work in teamfights, especially when faced with coordinated cc. Here are some changes I can think of that might improve his late game while keeping his early/mid game from being too oppressive. 1: Stacks increase exponentially. Basically Stacks increase in value as the game goes on. Maybe at lvl 1 a cannon is worth 6 stacks, then at lvl 18 they are worth 20 or something. 2: Give his abilities extra effects at max rank. Maybe at max rank his R could also shield him every few seconds, or at max rank his Q could stack faster, or his W could give tenacity, or whatever. The point is that adding extra effects at max rank is a great way to boost mid/late game power without buffing early game. 3: Have his other abilities scale of his Stacks. Not high scalings, of course. But small ones would go a long way. 4: Give him better stat scalings. For a "scaling champion" Nasus base scalings are surprisingly low, especially when compared to other juggernauts. He has lower HP scaling then a lot of "squishy" champs: {{champion:17}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:10}} He he also weirdly low armor scalings, less then {{champion:99}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:555}} (pyke has the highest armor and magic resist scaling for some reason) 5: Change Fighter itemization. This is an issue that needs its own thread, but here I'll just say that cetain champs like {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:164}} itemize way too close to Juggernauts, to the point where they become essential mobile versions of Juggernauts. {{champion:39}} and {{champion:83}} have literally the same essential items {{item:3078}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3748}} . 6: Completely rework. I don't think this is neccesary, but... plz criticise in the comments <3

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