"your" shop & some rants

Funny how it says your shop when I get random ass champs that I have either played once (cause of aram) or NOT AT ALL. But... The ony champ I actually play, nothing shows up. I wonder, is it because she just got a new skin? You shouldn't call it "Your" shop if you aren't willing enough to even provide discounts to even the newest skin. I know it is no obligation for them to do so, but I don't see why giving me irrelevant champs will make me "buy" it. I don't buy skins because I simply am not interested in them. I had thought of buying the newest Camille skin, but it's too much money for something I won't use that much. This game has gotten boring, season 8 was bearable but this new season is actually dogshit. They have fixed nothing, they're trying to make this game more based on the team, rather than your skill. I do not play games to baby sit some ** I play it to have fun. But Riot has completely sucked the fun out of this game. When they put out urf and say "more people quit when the game is out". Have they just maybe thought that people come back for URF and leave after it's gone? This "change for the sake of change" does more harm than good, imo. Obviously this is subjective, but from the standpoint of my friends all quitting, I can see that I'm not the only one that thinks this game is turning into another generic trash game that tries to make it all about your team. I used to play this game for the missions, but now I don't even want to bother playing it. I keep hoping that every patch, they decide to actually change the game and make it enjoyable. But as every patch passes, I see that, they don't intend to change anything. I remember no-lifing this game for hours on end, but it seems that time has passed.
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