Riot Took People's Feedback, And Did The Opposite

I know it's preseason. I know there's a lot of people defending things as "they'll get better", "they'll get fixed", "they're just experimenting"... But I think a lot of the anger right now comes from the fact that Riot seems to take people's feedback for the game, and do the complete opposite. Major themes that people have been complaining about this last season that are now even worse: **1. Turrets don't do enough damage and die too quickly.** Riot's Response: Add in a rune (one that's not even a keystone) that lets a full tank also be an efficient split pusher. I just did 923 damage to a turret with one auto attack as Sion... In ARAM, with only three full items. **2. ADCs are scaling far too early in the game.** Riot's Response: Let ADCs choose between even more early game safety and early scaling with Inspiration, or let them snowball completely out of control with one or two kills with the Precision tree. **3. Tanks do too much damage without building any damage items.** Riot's Response: Tanks now have an entire tree and skills that make them even tankier, as well as offer them additional damage based on their tankiness. While we're at it, let's also give a hard nerf to AP champions with the removal of any sort of Magic Penetration from Runes and Masteries without nerfing Magic Resist on anything. **4. Games snowball too easily.** Riot's Response: There's now all sorts of runes that give permanent stats for Takedowns. **5. Everything does too much damage.** Riot's Response: New runes that add more damage for every sort of game: ones that end at fifteen minutes, or ones that end at fifty! **6. Mobility rules the game.** Riot's Response: We're adding in additional runes that offer more mobility, as well as permanent movement speed on Takedowns. Additionally, every champion that has been reworked or released recently has at least one dash, if not more. Well, with the exception of Xayah. I'm trying really hard to experiment with the new Runes right now, but I'm honestly just not having fun. Games last season felt like they were decided early, let alone this season. I'm hopeful that things can be worked out to a somewhat balanced state but with how things have been going recently (and the examples given above), I'm becoming more and more skeptical. I can hope and wish for the old Runes / Masteries back as much as I like. We know it's not happening. I'm just going to try and log on to do my daily EXP mission (which was the one good thing that came out of this, in my opinion) and hope that the smoke will clear eventually.
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