'ELO Hell' isn't about Not Being Able to Climb

It's about being in a place where matchmaking is absolute shit. Anytime someone mentions ELO hell, everyone replies 'get gud' type responses, but I don't even see most of them complaining about that, I see them complaining about the horrible matchmaking (Which sometimes can in itself make it harder to climb) but people automatically assume this means they're blaming their team, when they're actually blaming the huge imbalance in team skill levels. They want the wins and losses to be decided by who gets outplayed, not whoever has the more golds+ or smurfs on your team. It's about the huge skill gap Bronze/Unranked can get with random people on your teams. If you took a random person who never played LoL, and gave them enough AI games to reach PVP (level 6 i think), and then matched them against Golds, you would call this unfair right? Wrong, matchmaker says otherwise. Any person with common sense can see these players should not be in the same game for a very long time, but this is the common experience for brand new players. A bunch of brand new players scattered with silver and golds and plat+ smurfs mixed in makes the first 30-40 games of their experience a hugely imbalanced joke. The thing is people always laugh at the guy who is Bronze and gets a bunch of golds+ on enemy team and just say he needs to carry harder.. but when it's a Plat with a bunch of Bronze on your team you're not laughing anymore, this matchmaking is much too lenient and instead of blaming your team we need to blame the matchmaking for what it is doing. I for one don't give a shit about ELO hell, or climbing, I play for fun alone, but I do care about matchmaking being epically broken and matching new players with Gold+.
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