A missing note in the patch 8.16

Where is the note saying : " Aatrox : We came to a conclusion that the rework has deleted a champion that people around the world have invested time into learning and mastering Aatrox so we are reverting Aatrox to his previous state like we did for Kog'Maw, LeBlanc and Rengar . The reworked version of Aatrox will still exist under a different name " Dariaax " until we find a better name. Since his previous form was in a good state, and was often in the top 10s of best champions to play, we will be monitoring him for a while. We will leave Dariaax to be balanced by RiotJag and the team working on him. We'd like to apologise for the chaos that insued after Dariaax was released and called Aatrox. "

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