a change to CONQUEROR from a top laner that play mostly bruisers

so currently CONQUEROR rune is talked about alot that it's op or some sht against tanks now i play nasus and if u can see now nasus is suffreing against CONQUEROR users cause they can just melt him down even if he have alot of stacks he cant 1v1 even if they are behind cause they deal way to much damage and burst it's the same for some tanks , one time iwas playing ornn vs riven , i completly smashed her in lane she was 0/5 , but because she had CONQUEROR and built bc+ death dance , i couldnt do anydamage to her but that's not the problem since i am a tank , she was one shoting me with half a combo late game as a tank with 400 armor and 4500 hp , i was legit getting one shotted like an adc on the death recap i see her doing 1600 true damage to me in 2 sec it's the same for nasus , u still get bursted down despite building armor now if we nerf CONQUEROR bruisers will go to shit and tanks will be broken again , but what we can do is make it so CONQUEROR dosnt give true damage until the bruisers fought a tank for a longer time , currently CONQUEROR gives true damage after 4 sec ,make CONQUEROR gives more ad like old fervor (or slitghly more) but the true damage part after being in combat for a longer time to make this more clear , if u saw a clip oh hashinshin playing against shen before CONQUEROR u will see that jax cant kill shen even if he hits him for 2 years , now with CONQUEROR shen will melt instanly what should happens is jax getting a good amount of ad from CONQUEROR then if the shen decid to comet on a longer time fight against jax , jax gets the bonus true damage in order to shred shen so tanks shoulnt be bursted down like an adc , but shouldnt be able to win longerfights and shuold be melted by longer fights **tldr; give CONQUEROR more ad like old fervor,but make it so the true damage isnt activated till u hit the opponent for like 11 sec or 8-9 sec this way armor is still effective and theres a way for tanks to play against the true damage ,while also giving bruisers a way to fight tanks depending on skill **
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