@Meddler Why Zed's R nerfs can be reverted and you cant give Azir 3/4/5s Ult duration?

Its not fair Riot, stop favoring some champions while gutting others. I am fine with Azirs movement speed R nerfs and that he cant cast soldiers on towers to lower his pushing speed. Its not fair to nerf wall from 5/6/7 seconds to 3 at all ranks. At least make it 3/4/5 instead of 3 at all levels. It really helps and teamfights last much longer then 3 seconds. I messaged Rioter and he said that his ultimate is only used for knockback which isnt true. His ult has many uses including knockback, one of primary uses is protecting yourself and your carry in teamfights from all these assassins and tanks who want to destroy back lane. It would be amazing if Riots balance team can look at my suggestion to make his ult last for 3/4/5 seconds instead of 3 seconds that is currently on PBE. Personally this would be a solid nerf while not gutting him, even if his whole kit got nerfed. Thanks in advance. -{{champion:268}}
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