Is Twitch a bit too strong?

Hello, Recently I read a lot of threads based on assassin strength, adc strength, and I think this rat {{champion:29}} was in a LOT of them. So I just want to add my personal thoughts and ask other players for feedback. 1. Twitch does seem really strong He has stealth and one of the highest autoattack ranges in the game with his ult. His late game is really darn strong. This wouldn't be a problem if he has counterplay like other adcs (ex. avoiding the traps vs {{champion:51}}, telegraphed skillshot location vs {{champion:119}} , mobility vs {{champion:110}} , abusing the low range vs {{champion:67}} ). But with such range, stealth, and scaling, the only counterplay seems to be shutting him down early - this is however very unreliable, and he scales when he gets his BORK or hurricane 2. Win rates show his strength Twitch has 55.18% win rate across 37430 games in diamond, 54.39% across 111,257 in platinum, and 53.21% win rate across 755280 games in all ranked in Korea this month. He also has 54.22% win rate across 20243 games in diamond, 53.77% across 59065 games in plat, and 52.21% across 444981 games in all ranked in NA this month. Win rates aren't everything, but it is a problem when the champ has both very high win rates AND high play rates. (All credit goes to and Honestly I think Twitch is too strong right now....Kind of mad that riot doesn't plan on nerfing him yet...Am I the only one that thinks that Twitch needs a nerf? tldr: Twitch get a lot of complaints, he does seem really strong with not much counterplay, and his winrate/playrate is really high. Should he get nerfed? Final Note: Yes I know I am bad - both my accounts are in wood 5. However, I want to add that 1. Win rate/Play rate statistics do not lie. 2. All players have a right to post as long as they use reason, not just emotion.
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