Enchanters are neglected more than anyone else

The upcoming champion being an enchanted does not mean we should forget that we haven't gotten a true dedicated enchanter since 2012 with Nami and that the class has been completely glossed over for reworks despite being as outdated as the vast majority of juggernauts (who are being updated more than anyone else, with mixed results.) Enchanters have terrible gameplay patterns to the point that them even being *viable* as a solo lane is considered a red flag and gets either them or their strategy (Frostmancy as a recent example) nerfed. They are exceedingly low on interaction and counterplay and have a concerning amount of overlap with each other in regards to what they actually *do.* very few people actually like playing them; support is always the least picked role when Enchanters are the dominant class because Enchanters are not fun to play. Instead of fixing this Riot has just decided to make a bunch of super aggressive play maker supports. Every enchanter, with exception of Soraka has at least three of these: - Healing - Shielding - Damage buff (either AD AS or an on hit effect) - MS/gap closing steroid (for allies, which is why Soraka is excluded) - A slow - Hard CC Some of these are immutable characteristics of the enchanter class, of course. The problem comes here in that this is more or less *all* they do and there's too little actually differentiating them from each other, other than how hard they dip into those strengths. There's also way too many supports that are just complete generalists relative to what you need out of an Enchanter toolkit. This is amplified by how support items cater to exactly this now, so what ends up happening is that without specific and niche traits for each to have the *good* Enchanters are automatically the *best.* I really hope that the new Enchanter is a disruption to this trend and a Herald of things to come. This class is far too neglected and another "more of the same" release is going to make me upset.

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