This Whole "Never Surrender" (a.k.a "Holding A Game Hostage") Thing Is Getting Out Of Hand

Let me say that I, too, am the kind of person who never wants to surrender. Never wants to keep trying. Never wants to admit defeat. But there is a key word to all of that: **WANT**. I don't **want** to surrender. I don't **want** to stop trying to push through all of the enemy team's nuances. I don't **want** to be the guy who says "You know what, guys? I don't think we have a chance at winning this." However, I do know when I **have** to surrender. I do know when I **have** to stop trying because our efforts will clearly be made pointless. I do know when I **have** to [let alone, **SHOULD**] be the guy to say "Hey, guys, I think we should throw in the towel. We'll just have to try harder next game, and maybe then we can get a victory." It is do I put it...demotivating to continue playing through a game after two random people on your team decided that, despite the score being something around 3-20, 0-15 or even 2-49 (Yes, I have been in games like this where we just played that poorly), will be like "No, don't surrender. We can still come back from this. Just stop being a [insert derogatory word here] and focus on the game." All the while, the enemy team has taken 4+towers, 3+drakes, and/or an inhib or two. What tilts me the most about this is when the say "Just focus on the game", when in actuality, that is exactly what I am doing. I am focused on the game. That's how I managed to notice that we have no advantage. That's how managed to notice that we have no towers taken. That's how I managed to notice they have 3+ drakes. That's how I notice that we have Super Minions pushing into our base and cant clear them out because we're so far behind in damage/items/waveclear, due to low levels, little-to-no exp, and/or gold. And, what's worse is that these players seem to believe that surrendering is a 100% bad thing. They'll always cry about how you're "being a b****" or "you should stop playing the game because you don't know how to avoid surrendering", simply because you don't want to waste another 10+ minutes of your time. Another thing I'd like to point out that makes this hostage situation worse is that sometimes the enemy team will be so far ahead of you (And will know it) so they will stall out the game. Not so much that you have a chance at a comeback, but just enough that you can move around in your base, but cant leave it. They wont go for the Nexus. They wont even try to fight you. They will just stand there and laugh (maybe; even shine their oh-so-awesome Mastery level) while your base is destroyed by Supers. This isn't an issue, honestly, but when it happens immediately after a surrender vote fails, it just adds salt to the already open wound. TL;DR - Enough with the "Never Surrender" thing. If the Team Kill score, gold deficit, lack of drakes, lack of towers, etc, is pointing towards defeat and your teammates want to surrender to make it out of the game faster, then just surrender. Otherwise, you'll just be seen as a jerk.
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