Game mode: Opposite day, AP and AD item reversal through adaptive stats (maybe next april fools),

So the following stats could be reversed AP and AD, by the adaptive force system Mpen and Lethality % pen MR and Armor swapped All things that would deal physical deal magic, and reversed Examples {{item:3071}} 400 hp 67 AP 20% cdr Dealing Magic damage to an enemy cleaves them reducing their magic resist by 4 % stacking up to 6 times Dealing magic damage to an enemy increases movement speed {{item:3152}} 48 AD instead of 80 AP Active scales with AD and deals physical damage This could be fun maybe do some things with spell damage vs auto attack damage for triggers? {{item:3091}} MR swapped to Armor Instead of On hit, it'd be spells deal {{item:3075}} Armor swapped to MR instead of on being hit with autos, it'd be on being hit by ailities
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