"I want ADC to be less shitty to play"

"SO YOU WANT TO GO BACK TO THE ARDENT META? YOU WANT TO BE THE ONLY PROTAGONIST OF THE GAME WHILE EVERYONE ELSE PLAYS AROUND YOU?" "No, I just don't want to instantly die every time an enemy champion breathes in my general direction" "SO YOU WANT TO GO BACK TO PRESEASON 6 WHEN THERE ARE 4 MARKSMEN ON THE MAP AT ANY TIME?" --- It's almost like there is a gray area between the extremes of "everyone in the game is focused around ADCs" and "ADC isn't even relevant." Both extremes are ass and right now we are leaning more towards the latter. No one who played bot lane enjoyed the ardent meta except for the brief moments when they popped off and got a quadra or something. The rest of the time it was spent dodging 4 and even 5 mans who are grouping bot for the tower and trying to get ardent censer first. There are various ways (runes, items, individual champ balancing, etc.) that riot can work with to make ADCs less shitty to play while also preventing them from becoming the only meaningful thing in a game. But as soon as you say "improve the game for ADCs" some people only hear "overbuff support items and bring back preseason 6" EDIT: ITT: RANGE PEOPLE BAD MELEE PEOPLE GOOD I shouldn't be allowed to enjoy the game playing my role because fuck me apparently.
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