Why is "fun had" not part of balancing the game?

Riot spews statistics about how "Riven isn't the most OP" or "Vayne isn't the most OP" and I'll admit that. Maybe there are champions like "more OP" statistically like {{champion:37}} and {{champion:222}}. But there's a reason you almost see no one bitching about Sona or Jinx - because you don't want to rip your hair out every time you play against them. Yeah, it's annoying when Jinx is strong and her W does so much damage: but the game is still enjoyable. So why is Riot @ing us with these stats trying to prove to us that "Riven isn't OP". Guess what? Riven even being slightly OP is way more toxic for _our enjoyment_ of the game than Jinx being busted as fuck. This is a game, not a stats class. Balance the game to be _fun_. And I love that Riot is acting like "stats" are the only thing that matters when balancing champions. Yeah? Then why are {{champion:13}} and {{champion:516}} left to rot? Oh, pro play. So if we can dumpster some champions like {{champion:154}} for being toxic in pro play, why can't we dumpster other champions for being toxic in SoloQ? I'd like that explanation. Also I don't understand why they're so hesitant to nerf Riven or Vayne. So if being 52% win rate isn't enough to nerf them, then why were you so eager to buff Vayne 2 times in a row when she wasn't even bad (one of the only ADCs that survived crit changes due to bork+rageblade). Why not just revert the buffs you _LITERALLY JUST GAVE HER_. And Riven has _ONLY_ seen buffs to her kit for 2+ years when she has never been _that bad_, ever. (believe it: https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Riven/History ) Any random person could just blindly look at stats and nerf things based on them (uhh, this is 52%, nerf, this is 48%, buff). You are game designers. You should understand things at a deeper level. Balance to make the game as fun as possible. People meme about Rioters not playing the game, but they _do play the game_. Except they're so concerned about "personal biases" that they completely detach actual _gameplay experience_ from their balance decisions and blindly follow stats. Obviously consult the stats. But also consult pro players/high elo streamers. Even take a hint from Reddit/boards. Also maybe even let personal biases shine through - be confident in your ability to balance the game. I see someone like @Riot Jatt who is clearly super intelligent about the game, but he's also someone thats very tied up in stats (Jatts Stats), that I can't even feel his impact on the balance team. Sometimes stats don't tell the whole story. Everyone knows this. I really felt this **when the Rioter posted the stats with champion nameplates off** asking the community for balance choices. It'd be very sad day if that's actually how they think the game should be balanced. Champion nameplates should be on. Some champions are inherently more problematic and require more immediate attention, even with lower win rates. I know I'm going off about Riven/Vayne, but I don't have some personal vendetta against those 2. Just good examples of egregious balance choices Riot makes very recently. Stop trying to "argue" with the community. You know the stats and game better than us. If doing what you're currently doing is making the game better (increasing # of players). Then go right ahead. Ignore the boards/reddit/streamers. But if it's actually hurting the game - then maybe try and change something up? Thanks for reading. **EDIT:** Obviously "fun had" is not an objective metric. However, subjective measures can still be used to balance the game. You can gather opinions from high elo players, pro players, and even poll the general populous to get information about it. Use all that data + the fact that you're _professional game designers_ to try and fix things.
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