Does anyone else think that infernal drake is a massive problem right now?

I would say it is the biggest contributor to why this game is so snowbally and comebacks are so hard, as well as the insane damage in the game right now, even more than baron. Here is my reasoning: When you are behind (usually why you play a scaling comp), the best action is to play passive and farm up. However, if the enemy team has infernal drake, even if the game goes late, they will still be stronger than your team at max items. Don't even get me started on elder drake. So there is a no comeback unless you manage to take an infernal drake of your own. At least with baron if you get an ace you remove their baron. I would even go as far to say that coming back from a 15k gold deficit with no infernals is easier than coming back from a 3k gold deficit if the enemy has 1 infernal stack.
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