Tryndamere Is In Desperate Need of a Rework

His entire identity revolves around splitpushing, and deleting anyone 1v1 who tries to stop him, whether there's a turret or not. That's great for champions like Fiora who require some positioning and skillful use of riposte to be able to successfully tower dive. Vayne needs to maintain her distance and keep the enemy guessing with tumble until she gets in position to stun using her E. Tryndamere, meanwhile, helicopters toward the enemy champion and right clicks them to death if he's ahead, or clears the wave, helicopters out of danger and heals any damage done to him while pushing with his Q. Rinse and repeat. Hell, half the time he doesn't even have to pay attention to the person trying to stop him from killing the turret since he can just press R and take it down in his five seconds of invulnerability. If he dies, oh well... He'll respawn in twenty seconds and do it all over again. A champion's design philosophy should not be _entirely to split push_, especially with an ult that provides little counterplay to splitpushing when turrets are at the weakest they've ever been. A champion's design shouldn't revolve around the RNG giving you lucky crits so that you're able to 1v1 anyone that isn't ridiculously more fed than you. Tryndamere is in desperate need of a rework to give him some actual utility that requires half a brain to use.
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