ELO difference in ranked games.

Just played a game where I had a pretty decent lane with another random person, who was support. Despite losing, we decided to queue up together after the game to try again, since our lane went really well. We couldn't queue together because the 'ELO difference was too high'. Riot, what the actual shit. If you're allowing players multiple ranks and tier levels apart to be queued in solo/duo randomly, yet not allowing the SAME people to queue up as a duo, then that is a major mistake that needs to be remedied. It's hard evidence that players much lower in ELO are being put in games far above their range. It's unfair on both sides. The high ELO players who now have to carry a much lower rank that may not be used to the pace of the current game will have a harder time. It's just as unfair to the lower ELO player who might stand no chance in the game they've been shoved into. This isn't always the case, of course. The lower ranked person might be capable of playing well in the higher ELO game, like the experience I had, but it was still not supposed to happen in the first place. All the same, ranked queues are supposed to be balanced, and have specific guidelines to matches, to balance things out and keep it competitive. There's tons to discuss in between my points, so let me just get it out of the way: Yes, it's normal to have a game where one player (or more) isn't up to par, and yes, it's normal to be that person who's overwhelmed sometimes. I'm not saying that shouldn't ever happen. All I'm confused by is why Riot would put someone in your ranked game that you're LITERALLY not allowed to duo with due to a vast difference of ELO. It makes no sense, and it should be corrected, on one side or the other. Tidy up the solo queue to match the requirements of duo, or vice versa. I doubt this will be explained, or even given any attention, but I thought the other players should know what a joke ranked is becoming. Convert some peoplepower from improving the visual aspect of the game, (which seems to be your ONLY focus, as of late) and divert it to improving gameplay, please. After playing this game for many years, seeing it decline to the point where it's getting apple-fied is truly disappointing. :C
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