Can laners please regain control of laning phase?

Games by in large have almost always been decided by which team has the better jungler but over the course of the last few seasons, that feels harshly even more true. Laners have very little tools to deal with junglers now. We've lost the ability to ward because we have timed trinkets and our pink wards are often brushed away with little thought. Junglers have gained more ganking pathes and options to make their ganks even more effective. Early game junglers have been all the rage, meaning all that Kha/Lee/Graves/Zac have to do is sneeze on you to remove 50% of your HP. No point in even flashing. This is just so dumb. There's almost no consequence to a failed gank anymore. And I can't possibly fend off junglers because all they need to do is pick up a sweeper to remove any potential vision I may have. The following things need to happen to give laners some semblance of a lane phase again or else games will just keep ending at 18-22 minutes. •We need the option to purchase wards again. Nothing here needs to be explained. •Early game junglers need fucking *gutting* across the board. It is clear fair nerfs don't even do anything. Even when their winrate plummet, people still play them. That's because there just aren't many options. Most farm junglers are troll picks right now and tank junglers are all but dead. Mage junglers don't exist much either. There is still no diversity in the most impactful role in the game. •Exp needs to be trimmed down again Junglers need to actually be punished for fucking up ganks. •Rift Herald needs to feel like an actual objective It certainly doesn't feel that way when it's a free tower and all it takes is a level 6-7 jungler to solo it. •Red buff needs to be nerfed, at least early game. This literally makes fucking ganks impossible. You can miss crucial skill shots on the likes of Lee, Elise or Zac but still easily get in range to apply red buff slow and this alone will force a flash. Red buff should be more about assisting clears, not a free second chance to secure a gank when you fuck up. •Sweeper can have its cooldown reduced In compensation for all the changes above and more wards out, sweeper can have a passive on the jungle items that has its cooldown significantly reduced. This opens up strategic play more and currently there's none of that as a jungler. Pick an early game jungler, gank everything and have two inhibitors destroyed by 18 minutes. In my mind, the biggest offenders are snowball junglers and lack of wards. Both of these problems go hand in hand. You can't stave off snowball junglers because your avenue to vision is severely limited. Making exchanges for ganks doesn't have the payoff it on once did. Taking a tower or objective when a jungler gets a kill on the opposite side of the map usually get like a fairly decent trade. Now it feels like shot, because graves got the kill on the other side of the map so he will be down here in 30 seconds to kill all of us because he's now snowballing. Jungling has become more polarizing than ever. And because of this, it has had a large and negative effect on the rest of the game. Much of the snowball problems this game has can be directly attributed to junglers. They have too much power and because of that, they have this sink or swim role where a disadvantage to the opposing jungler means you suddenly lose your ability to be impactful very quickly. This further intensifies the jungler snowballing because the person often effected the worse by as snowballing jungler is the opposing jungler. And I can't imagine that feels good at all. I know getting ganked 50 times in 6 seconds doesn't feel too great either.
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