Visual Distinction Between Different Teams Smites

Hello, I recently came into the issue of seeing a smite go down on the baron and as there were two junglers in the pit, I didn't know whether to try and burst the baron or to stop damaging it to give smite advantage to our jungler. This was because I couldn't tell who had smited it. I feel like it would be helpful if there was a way to distinguish the smites of different teams. -This could be done by a few ways that I could think of maybe a small circle that appears as part of the smite cast animation that is coloured based on the teams colours. -Or a champion portrait that appears next to the smite. My only qualm about those ideas is that they feel like they would break the immersion of the game. - As such I was thinking maybe changing the colour of the smite, however this is already modified based on the smite enchantment and as such might just lead to confusion if it portrayed too separate things. Any ideas on how to fix this would be appreciated
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