Dear Riot, i havent stopped watching LCS becuase there isn't "enough damage"

i stopped watching LCS because there TOO MUCH DAMAGE. it is BORING to watch when the players are so scared of getting 1-shot they never get near each other. i want to watch the pro players TRADE in lane i want to learn how to get BETTER. i don't want to watch them "CS" for 30 min because if u are out of position for a 10th of a second u get jumped on and 1 shot. the only thing i watch are the "highlights" from youtube videos because the match itself is SO BORING because damage is so high the teams will never ENGAGE. its not "flashing 1 shots" people want to see we want to see the players FIGHT EACHOTHER. AND THEIR NOT DOING THAT. because burst damage is so high one slight mess up will cost your team the game and when they do finally fight damage is so high that it is over within seconds. there is no "disengage and re-engage" its either.. you die or your forced to back, there is no "trading" at all THAT'S WHY IT'S NOT FUN TO WATCH!!!! and why its even LESS fun to PLAY. you need lower the damage so player can actually TRADE in lane without being instantly killed or barely surviving an forced to back. then not only will u get more people WATCHING LCS.. you will get more people PLAYING the game.
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