Another Sylas nerf? Coupled with another Lux buff?

Rito explanation for Sylas nerf: ''Sylas has been thriving in the jungle after his latest set of changes. Following up on those by toning down his clear speed a bit.'' How does this make any sense? You already made him useless in top with the magic shield addition and he is also kinda bad in the midlane after the massive rounds of nerfs he has received over the latest patches. Now you nerf him in the jungle too? I guess you just want this champion to DISAPPEAR completely instead of actually trying to balance him. Meanwhile, let's buff Lux, a champion with huge pick rate and winrate that everybody hates playing against and is extremely obnoxious. People have been complaning about Lux for a couple of patches now. Guess she's getting a new skin on 9.17 or maybe Rito just loves doing the exact opposite of what the community complains about.
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