Compromise for Twisted Treeline

SO someone, and I am not saying any names RIot, thought it was a good idea to get rid of Twisted Treeline soon due to reasons(hint: its RIot). And while certainly a pvp mode requires frequent maintenance, I believe there is a compromise. Keep Twisted Treeline for AI Matches (including intermediate) and custom games (i use custom to test out champs and doofus around). Its not competitive and just for fun and enjoying that mode. This means that there doesn't need to be maintenance on the map (although i suggest updating jungle critters to be more realistic like SR just for keeping things equal) and when items are fixed/updated they can apply to SR, other modes and TT AI. I strongly suggest you take my advice. TT is near and dear to many. It takes more work to get rid of it than to just leave it as AI matches only. PLEASE. With many cherries on top (no sauce though that red stuff tastes awful). And some hot chocolate syrup and crunchy peanuts. Everyone loves Ice Cream. Keep TT. Dew it! :D
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