Losing games just feels really bad.

I'm talking in the sense where you're playing a champion that if you die once, you are not longer relevant and the game basically turns into a 4 v 5, where the game isn't any different if you weren't there in the first place. This is what League feels like right now, it sucks. No opportunity to learn from your mistakes, you either play perfect or you get sh*t on, and the only thing to do to change this is to just stop playing those champions and play a better one. I just feel cheated when I have 23 kills as Skarner and lose because he's so off meta, having no chance of winning, it's like whats the point in playing if that champion is almost terrible in every situation, no matter how many kills you can rack up. The only champion where I managed to maintain above a 50% win rate is Kennen because F*CK those tanks, and I'm also a 550K Kennen main so there's that too.

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