I'm sick of all the janna and lulu hate

Playing an enchanter support does NOT mean -I'm brainless -I'm boosted -I'm a meta slave -I'm an elo whore -I have no skill What it does mean -I like saving allies and helping others -I enjoy the playstyle of support So lets talk about this shall we? I would welcome duration nerfs or nerfs that impose a higher skill floor/cap. I would love a high skill enchanter support similar to thresh. (nami taric and rakan sort of fill this niche) And honestly my preferred nerf would be duration nerfs to shields and compensatory buffs elsewhere because i know that it would only be a buff to me Right now a 5 second shield for janna feels like an unecessary use of power budget to me and i would welcome more power elsewhere And i have no doubt that you guys would start raging again the moment the enemy adc is saved by a janna who shielded when you triple shurikend and now you're back to the boards to complain /end rant
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