Zoe is a champion that rewards bad gameplay.

One of the main issues that is inevitably swallowing modern league of legends design is the fact that more modern champions just don't have any punishment to them. No matter how you screw up, or how badly you play them, they always have too many mechanics that hold the hands of the players who're using them until they inevitably score those kills, sometimes the wins, and then the player can feel good about themselves. Zoe is a very toxic example of this. Designed around a 1 use combo? Stupidly low cooldowns. Love to spam your abilities off cooldowns? Low mana costs and mana regen from items and runes is through the roof. Lots of skill shots? Along with the low cooldowns, she has blazing fast missile speeds and massive ranges. Missed your primary damage? As long as you hit you hit your CC then it will amplify your passive and will hit like a truck. Just out right dropped the ball? An RNG system that outright destroys and mocks the concepts of summoner spells and investing gold to actually obtain an active. Someone build MR? Free true damage build into her rotation. Did you know that with the +5% max CDR rune zoe can actually CC a champion and then have her E back up in 2.2 seconds? There's legitimately nothing to actually exploit or look for in Zoe's kit that would give you a window of opportunity. Technically you could count on the player being bad, but that's any champion period and doesn't really work as a practical means of counterplay. She's a no risk all reward champion. She's basically an assassin with the ability to pick someone from extreme ranges then engage for an almost guaranteed 1 shot with little to no risk to herself. I can get behind how her kit operates, I think most can. But there needs to be a shit ton more punishment for screwing up than there is now. Swap her E and R. Her sleepy bubble gets turned into her ult and given a full ultimate level cooldown. Then make it so she only gets the CD refund if she actually damages the target after they've been put to sleep. Remove the guaranteed return on her blink. If she gets hit with hard CC during her blink then she shouldn't beable to return. Finally, remove the ability for minions to drop her W stacks for actives and summoners. Instead make it so it drops blank bubbles that simply allow her to activate her W for free and make this effect available on every minion wave rather than RNG. That, or at the very least massively reduce the duration that bubbles stay around and then reduce the effectiveness of actives and summoners that are dropped by minions.
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