if you want to fix aram can you start with the useless matchmaking

aram matchmaking is fucking abysmal. i just played a match where my team had 0 mastery ranks on the champs we had to use and the enemy team's lowest mastery rank was 4. It was 230k to 14k mastery and they had hundreds more summoner levels than we did. Not to mention their teamcomp was immaculate and my team was mostly meh despite using 5 rerolls. I used my reroll and was left to choose between the completely useless shen and a mostly useless untill it's too late azir. The enemy team ended up winning bc two of the members on my team somehow didnt notice rengars ult on them while they were walking across the map which was clearly signalling his backdoor attempt. Including incompetant teammates, the abysmal matchmaking was by far the reason that match was a complete waste of time and entirely unfun. I wish i could say this was a rare occurrence but it happens all. the. time. It's super easy to predict 9/10 matches because the mastery and or levels are so skewed. Now riots making tons of shitty changes which is basically everything aside from the ban phase change even though the gamemode is still going to suck because of terrible matchups (and also because randomness is inherently asinine and the actual biggest flaw with aram but thats a topic for another post). Seriously if riot is going to make all of these changes they need to at least make reasonable matchamaking instead of the complete shitshow that we have now.
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