Amumu needs a rework??

Do you think amumu needs a reword? I think without a doubt he does. This is because the champ is basically the most useless int he game right now, here are some points: 1) His gap close IS is cc, you miss one you miss both, making ganks exceptionally harder and you basically have no way of making a successful gank if you miss your bandage toss if you are pre 6 2) He has no sustain or survivabiluty, please dont tell me the 2 to 10 damage reduction is sustain its complete garbage and is useless mid to late game 3) Is he a tank or a AP assassin? Please pick one riot games, i dont know how you think giving a tank skills that only scale with AP was such a good idea. If he goes tank he will be very week and close to useless without his ult (His W percentage damage isnt all that either) and if he goes AP then he will find himself in a awkward situation where he cant compete with other AP assassins like ekko, evelyn, etc 4) Dont even let me get started on his jg clear, he is complete trash at clearing singe jungle camps. I know what your saying, "Oh but just gank and do them when theres nothing to do", or "Oh your not even lvl 30 yet you dont know jack about the game", im a silver player that unfortunately got banned so i have some game knowledge cuz i been playing for 3 years now, and i can tell you in regular games its extremely hard to nearly impossible to do anything as amumu when you get counter jungled, this is due to his slow camp clears and because he is quiet immobile too. Tell me what you guys think! Heres some things i think will help improve amumu: 1) A full rework of his skills (Except his ult since its pretty unique and wouldnt want it to be removed) 2) If not a full rework, then it would be great if riot games was to implement things in his current kit, like a slow on his w or e, or a fear on his e since tantrums are sometimes scary, 3) With no questionable doubt his q HAS to be buffed in some way, allowing him to at least make a small dash even when he misses, it makes no sense that if you miss your bandage toss you are left completely helpless/useless, or make it a double cast, one throws out the bandage and 2nd cast stuns nearby enemies. Or make his passive a every few second he stuns next thing he autos or smn. But right now his Q is unbelievably inefficient considering its his only cc and gap closer that DOSNT go through minions and does NOTHING if it misses and its pretty EASY to dodge. 4) Please do give him more sustain, and a faster way to clear camps. He get out jungled by every champ if the player knows what they are doing to a extent, even karma jg or even leblanc jg. Tell me what you guys think in the comment section below, id love to hear what you guys coming up with! Id also love to see amumu as a new and useful champion again someday! {{champion:32}}
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