Have to win against Platinum to reach Bronze 3 - Introducing the next generation of matchmaking

Dear friends, What is wrong with this picture? http://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=throwsthebird This is my first time playing ranked...I have been playing League for around 2 years. My current soloQ ranked MMR is 1751 which tranlates to Gold 3. (according to OP.GG) My elo is Bronze 4 (op.gg says I will skip divisions?) and I have a 67% win rate...really nothing special at this elo. However now to reach Bronze 3 I am placed in matches where the enemy has 1886 MMR on average (rammus - sion game), against players who were platinum last season. Am I correct in assuming that because of my relatively high MMR (compared to the actual elo) the system will group me with lower MMR players just to average out the team MMR? In other words am I correct in assuming that the system is actively trying to hinder my climb and push me towards a 50% win rate? Is the matchmaking working against the player? I'm quite new to this mmr / elo system so any info you can give me is much appreciated. Thank you.
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