Don't you just love it

when Riot's stupid 50% winrate matchmaking system throws you into the losing streak, and you get a fix of people like this: -AFKers -Inting -Pick Zilean as an APC instead of ADC, says to "trust me" and that he has a "80% winrate" when we complain about it, then proceed to feed -Teams who don't know how to pick a good team comp- for instance going all squish against a team full of TANKS -Trolls who blame their own deaths/mistakes on you and proceed to make your game hell -Triggered teammates who spend more time in chat than playing -And people who don't know what they hell they are doing (for example, rush a Zhonya's as a Fizz mid against a quickly getting fed Lux, with the excuse of "to block her ult," then proceed to just ult anyone under their tower without doing anything the minute they see them appear.) -.- That's currently me right now. Over the past couple days, with breaks in between- current streak? 6 losses and counting, and down from my promos which I lost all the way down to TWO FUCKING LP. Not cool, Riot. At all. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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