If you want to promote "game clarity", shouldn't the AS gains listed on items and abilities change?

And have them calculated on the spot and show exactly how much AS someone will gain on the item description? You are using an AS calculation system that has the Base AS as a core for all AS gains, yet the way AS gains are listed don't give that impression. You see players saying "Tristana's Q doubles her attack speed", which is a completely oblivious statement and they don't understand that her Q always gives the same amount of AS for each rank. The way you describe them, you make the players who haven't searched on it think that abilities will also scale with AS items, something that is obviously not the case. So, items and abilities should show exactly how much AS a champion will gain, it's only logical when you call yourself advocates of "in-game clarity". Additionally, having the AS gains listed as percentages imposes a "burden of knowledge" on how the AS calculations work behind the final numbers and that's also something else you have claimed to be against.
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