Unpopular opinion: I hate shen

No longer are ganks helpful. No longer can you invade the enemy jungle. No longer are 1v1s in lanes 1v1s. Bot lane already lost as soon as you get into the game, bonus if they have a good hook champion. Just killed the enemy with ignite? Nope. Just caught out the enemy jungler in a bad position? Haha. Dueling the enemyteam 2v2 under your own tower? Lol, shens here to tank for the enemy team. I am so ready for the downvote storm of people telling me that I'm shit at the game and repeatedly stating how weak shen is, they are right on both accounts. That does not mean that I like shen any more. EDIT: I should clarify that shen is usually somewhat easy to deal with as long as you have a competent team, but this is LoL and we all know competent teams are few and far between.
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