Now that the ardent meta is no longer here, can ignite be nerfed back to its earlier damage values?

Ignite is clearly balanced against the heal/shield-excessive ardent censer meta - that one that stopped existing over a year ago. Today, ANYTHING with ignite can easily 100-0 every marksman in the game that hasn't completed their 5th item yet just by using all the spells in their kit once. It doesn't matter what you're playing - flash ignite RQWE and the marksman WILL die. Before you call me out as an adc main, i'm a top lane main. I main juggernauts. My favourite champions are Mordekaiser and Darius. Marksmen are getting blown up by EVERYTHING. Supports? Check. Tanks? Check. Assassins? Check. You know what doesn't blow up marksmen? Other marksmen. That's the only class in the entire game that can't reliably 100-0 a marksmen. How many champions are we at now? 140? And nearly EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE can 100-0 a marksman just by smashing their face into their keyboard and dropping ignite on their victim. Everybody knows by now that damage is excessive. It needs to be toned down across the boards - so why not start with the most universal offender, the one that allows players to succeed without even having the slightest clue how to play their champion?

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