What if Critical Strike only applied to bonus armor/health, making it more effective against tanks

like % bonus armor pen This allows ADC's to : Not burst squishies and assassins Have predictable consistent damage per second Still be effective against tanks Not depend on RNG luck ( for the sake of both sides) In addition, Riot can tune how different ADCs scale more consistently and they can also come out with more interesting utility-based ADCs that don't overshadow other ADCs. Right now, ADC's do so much damage Riot can't afford to give them any more fun mechanics/ utility because it'll break em. I know what some of you are thinking; ADCs are already bursting tanks. The thing is, both are currently overtuned. With this change, I think it will bring more balance to the game. http://apollo-na-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/1429493928748/LeagueRoles2.jpg
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