Increase LP loss for bad performance, decrease LP loss for outstanding performance, and vice versa

Every league player everywhere will always be tilted over someone going 0/10, 1/8, or doing awful in a game that they played well in. And every time the response is: "its team oriented" "it happens to everyone" "you could play better" All of these are true and i FULLY agree with all of the above rhetoric. However I have a suggestion to possibly smooth out lp loss when you're playing your best. We have a ranking system that awards you up to an S+ based on how you play. Now if solo queue elo is dependent on primarily your performance and is not based on the luck of finding four team members who understand basic mechanics of the game, then this wouldn't be an issue. But it is. I recommend when someone on your team(OBVIOUSLY DEPENDING ON POSITION, a support going 1/7 is VERY different from an adc 1/7) does extremely poor, AKA: very low cs compared to the average, extremely low KDA, extremely low vision score, low objective points overall, etc. Then things could be put in place to get them to where their current skill level is. Obviously everyone has bad games every once in a while, but if someone is consistently performing at far below the margin of everyone else in their elo, then how do they stay in that elo? It's because solo queue isn't as discriminatory as it could be. If a player repeatedly does extremely well in all of their games, whether win or loss the fact remains that they are performing ABOVE their current elo. If someone is performing awful in all of their games, it means they are performing BELOW their current elo. I get it, bad games, bad days, whatever, it's not the point here. People can be carried and awarded for playing awful, and players can be kept behind for playing well. There's a lot of mechanics in the game besides score and I understands which is why I've listed my suggestions for the criteria to which this program would look at would be based on the letter grade ranking system. My point is solo queue rank should be based on SO MUCH MORE than a win/loss rate, the skill level in low elo (iron-plat) is SOOO disproportionate because in low elo the skill levels are completely random and most people are playing games with others that are no where near their skill level, good or bad. If you can somehow(this really wouldn't be that difficult) introduce a ranking system that looks at OVERALL performance in a game, then I think that players that are CONSISTENTLY performing above their rank will climb and eventually plateau at people their own skill level and vice versa. CONSISTENCY is the major word here, someone who CONSISTENTLY plays better than people in their games are not rewarded at all if they can't carry a game, and for when players do absolutely awful in a game, the system gives them more LP as if they need to keep climbing in elo that they are CLEARLY not performing well in. I know, i know i know, win rates SOMEHOW eventually will put you where you need to be, I just think that idea is either completely false, or even if it is true, takes far too long to place people where they belong according to skill level in a game. Bottom line, solo queue needs to be more discriminatory towards people consistently playing awful, or consistently playing well. My suggestion would mainly be to increase LP loss for summoners who are consistently doing bad, and vice versa for those doing well. I know MMR automatically does this but it's clearly not enough with how diverse the skill level are in low elo and this new 5 position ranking system. Real feedback on drawbacks on this system is welcome, don't waste everyone's time saying riot sucks or some rhetoric unrelated to the suggestion listed above.
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