Lets talk about tryndamere.

I'm sure everyone here has experienced the tryndamere syndrome. Retarded champion in my opinion. I'm currently sitting at platinum 1 and I still think tryndamere needs some form of a nerf. Why? Here's why I hate tryndamere. 1. His ultimate. That's literally the only reason why tryndamere is broken. A late game hyper carry that out scales almost every champion in terms of damage who also can't be killed and has tons of mobility? Sounds like bs to me. When he is split pushing your turret down at bot lane past the 35 minute mark, you have a few options. 1. Send a person down to stop him only to get dived under turret because he can't die and lose the turret anyway. 2. Send two people down there only to have one of them die because HE CAN'T DIE then have him either spin into a double kill or spin out of danger. 3. Send 3 people to stop him but risk losing that baron because their adc, (who also happens to be fed) will ace your team. I already know what you guys will say. "Counter picks" Teemo Jayce Jax Malphite Rammus While it may be true that these champions counter tryndamere, all he has to do is sit under turret for the first 10 minutes, buy a cull, farm for another 15 then split push all game because he can't die and NO ONE CAN 1V1 HIM. And it's not like you can focus him in team fights either. With a fed twitch or viktor, you guys can try and chain cc the fed carry and most of the time you'll be able to kill them. With tryndamere, you can't focus him because of his bs r so he sits there laughing at you while his team aces yours. But if you don't focus him, then HE aces you. The only thing I can think of to deal with tryndamere is heavy cc. But when you have a midlane zed and a jungle khazix WHAT CAN YOU DO. I'd like to listen to everyone's opinions on how to deal with a fed tryndamere because I sure as hell don't know what to do anymore.
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