the day i see a katarina have a bad score/do bad, will be the day i think she isnt broken

4 years, and i've never seen a single katarina go negitive in score or do bad WHILE trying, the very single time ive seen one do bad was one that was actually unjokingly running it down mid, not attacking or anything, 100% inting on the enemy team. anyways, when i play katarina myself, i also do good, she has no skillshots and does a lot of damage, very very fast, and very easily, it's quite easy to do a katarina play, yet it still looks like it's a hard thing to do and even i've thought i was a good player when i did good on her, but the truth is, shes mega broken, and ill never change my opinion until i see one single, non trolling katarina, that is 100% trying, go negitive in score or do bad.
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