@Riot: Elise compensation buffs?

I think it's been long enough after the jungle changes and flat nerfs to items like Rylai's and Protobelt, that Elise has been very negatively impacted (Currently she is sitting around a 46%-47% winrate, almost a percent or more lower than Kindred, who are rather universally believed to be in a trash state right now) by recent changes, rather than direct nerfs. While her winrate rose to about 49% in 6.22 (was that the one with the krugs exploit?), it's been dropping steadily since, and her playrate has absolutely tanked by a good 6-ish percent. With the upcoming jungle nerfs hitting early ganking junglers especially hard, it seems rather unfair for Elise to be hit yet again and brought lower while meanwhile, said nerfs might not even make a serious impact on the problem junglers like Hecarim and Vi. What is Riot's stance on giving a champion like Elise, who was fairly balanced before things like rylai's and jungle changes, being hit along with the main offenders when nerfs like the upcoming 7.1 nerf happen?
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