Should i just play champions strong in low elo or full on meta slave

Ive been stuck in bronze for years. I recently had a lot of success with {{champion:83}} and when i picked him up, it didnt take long for me to go from b4 to b2. About half way to b1, i started losing almost every single game and almost dropped into b4. I then picked up {{champion:106}} jg and made it back to b3 75 lp. I also picked up {{champion:11}} but he's banned too much for me to play him a lot. I also played {{champion:28}} who is strong right now but apparently one of she's worst low elo champions. She's not weak. Just bad in my elo. I love playing her too. Should i just go full mata slave or follow the low elo meta. P.s if anyone says im trash in game (they have to say the word trash), my response will be: im not trash. Im recycled.
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