win rates don't tell you anything.. stop reading them

for example i saw more than 20 posts about ahri 54% WR AND 20% PR --------------- Listen dudes, doesn't tell anything... why? ahri is a super fun champion to play with... so many people play with her. so she has high pick rate. about the "high pick rate vs low win rate" 54% is not low. BUT i understand that many people play with her .. so she should have higher win rate ! right? NO 100% false why? because in that 20% pick rate it's only about 2-3% of people who know what they are doing or main ahri, the rest are either new players,"free of the week" etc. ahri is an easy champion to play... so her win rate is more than 50% . why isn't it more ? because there are games where people : 1. lost , 2. troll , 3. got trolled and lost. ,4 rage quit .5 disconnect . (4-5 count as lost btw)
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