Is it fair that if someone AFKs, everybody that is on the Losing team loses LP?

Previously, I made a similar post to this one. Nobody understood, so I'm making this clearer. The current system works this way. Winners get their LP if the game lasts more than 4 minutes (Remake Window). Losers still lose their LP whether or not there is an AFK on their team. Now my idea is to simply make it so That in the event of an AFK, the losing team only loses a 3 LP and doesn't lose any MMR (Like a dodge). Only the AFKer loses more LP and MMR. The winning team gets the same amount for winning. (Which happens currently) Now somebody said that this is abusable, they can simply duo with someone and afk purposefully. I said no. Riot can put a system in place where if someone duos with someone who afk'd....they BOTH lose the same amount of LP. Does this sound like a system you want?
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