Small Indie Company

Billion dollar company IS DOING WORSE PATCHES THAN FUCKING ACTUAL SMALL INDIE COMPANY >Mordekaiser is immune to Ignite in ult >Plants spawn sometimes but are not breakable >Sometimes camps are invisible for a few seconds >Nunu is still doing the random pop up thing >Hitboxes are even worse >I randomly got healed in the jungle as warwick for 300 health with autoattacking a small bird >LEAGUE OF REMAKE >LEAGUE OF AFK >I've had 10 afk teammates in the past 30 games >Ranked is down > Team fight Tactics is broken >Perma stun Annie >Whatever happened to Qiyana >People have banned Mordekaiser just for him to get picked and locked >Sometimes spells do not go off, same with abilities >Electrocute is a gamble, klepto sometimes gets replaced with glacial augment >I've been autofilled to support 20 times in the past week >Ranked bugs >Queue errors >Bug splats >System errors >People never reconnecting >Basic Client issues >Sometimes cannot click Loot >Death recap is FUCKING EVEN WORSE THAN THE PREVIOUS >I've muted people and still seen their messages >Constantly hearing a random ass noise in Champion Select when I muted all audio in LoL How much SHIT could you POSSIBLY FUCK UP in 1 GOD DAMN PATCH. This will go down as the worst possible patch Riot has ever made in history, AND IT WAS DELAYED BY 3 FUCKING WEEKS. THIS IS WHY YOU HAVE THE PBE RIOT, STOP FUCKING JACKING OFF AND MAKING SKINS. >Skin is broken: INSTANT HOTFIX >EVERYTHING IS ON FIRE: It will take a week for it all to be fixed.

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