If they haven't listened now, they never will.

Every. Single. DAY. The same posts, speaking up about the state of the game and addressing the same issues with towers being weak and damage too high. If we're so irrelevant, then why has Scarra touched on these points? I don't like Hashinshin, but his last video explained exactly how bad the damage is and how to actually fix it. Where's Riot? You'd think a company would of addressed the main concerns by now. Also if you stop to think for a second, is Riot actually that dumb? Why do I get this sneeking suspicion that they perfectly know what they're doing, but have been fooling us into believing they are incompetent, just so they can do whatever it is they're planning on? Think about it, all it takes is 1 member to come down here and address damage concerns. Is it REALLY that hard to calm down a bunch of dedicated players, who have given you a ridiculous amount of proof (videos being posted here, damage charts...etc) that shows the absolute disgust in damage? A company with so much money is still somehow pulling the wool over everyone's eyes.
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