Fizz Got Denied By Team That Can't Coordinate But Still Won Somehow! :D

Captured with Lightshot
EDIT: If you want to see my like FULL build path, then use LoLskill or Lolking. My brain is fried as this match happened at like midnight for me and I have to be up in 7 hours. Ergo, I'm too tired to write anymore. :'( EDIT #2: Feel free to comment down below if you think I played like a B5 here or if I might have a shot to get silver 5 in season 7. (The attention "horror" in me couldn't resist adding this. G'nite!) ________________ What started out as a simple MF support game turned into an EXACTLY hour long adventure (srsly, down to the millisecond LOL) of killing split pushing Fizzes, Sivirs, Shacos, and Nashor's Tooth/Lich Bane Zyra's (their build wrecked damn). Our team didn't coordinate on objective-taking at all, despite me having a sightstone for the first 45 minutes and doing a bang-up job of warding both pits and dewarding with oracle. I just felt like sharing this game because, if you look at the ranks, the bronzes carried the silvers and the probably-not-a-smurf-most-deaths Teemo who somehow out damaged all of us even though I had more wards on the map than he had shrooms up until I sold my sightstone at IDF remember how long into the game (probably around 50 minutes). Anywho, I guess you could say I had fun even though literally 13 of my 14 deaths were Fizz's bullhunkey. I died to one Zyra plantfest ultimate that aced our team, but other than that it was a 5vs5 deathmatch of us countering their split pushing and never being able to take objectives/inhibs in return until we finally managed to get our butts in gear after the zillionth Fizz kill + GA kill. It was such an annoying game that I don't even know if it's to be counted as fun. LOL...I'm so dead inside. Save me ;-;.....

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