So I know it may sound wierd, but i feel like im getting too much lp for ranked wins

The reason why it worries me is that I'm relatively new to the league and started paying ranked just recently, so I don't fully understand how it works. I got ranked bronze 1 almost right away for some reason skipping iron and other 3 steps of bronze, and I know its still a pit bottom for most players, but I just had like 5 games in a row, where I felt pretty much useless and clueless, although I did try hard. Also, I am almost always qued up both with and against silver/gold now. Specifically, I am always the lowest ranked one on my team and every victory I get like 35 lp even if I died a lot and wasn't that good at all. I don't understand why. And then I stick with normal I feel like I'm not learning as much. (then I played soraka in normal i got S/A , I and in ranked its just C or even D. {{champion:16}} ) So should I continue trying with ranked even if it feels like I'm ruining it at the moment, or just stick with normal until I'm absolutely sure I understand clearly how everything works?

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