Can you please lock someone out of ranked for 5 to 10 matches if they haven't played in a month?

Please? I'm super tired of these "I'm just coming back after a year, but oh well I'll go straight into ranked" people who go 0/4 to Jinx in the first five minutes and make it an entirely unplayable lane through no fault of my own? Please? 5 games isn't much, just a reminder of how LoL functions to get the muscle memory working again, even if they can include Easy bot games. I just don't want people who haven't played in decades in my game ruining it for me. 5 matches is, what, ~~an hour~~ two hours of playtime? Sure better than having NINE other people get their MMR fucked over the course of a single match because the returning player just hard fed. For reference, that's 30 minutes * 9 (results in 270 minutes of wasted time for one match) or 4 (which results in 120 minutes of wasted time in a match) depending on if you think that an opponent deserves a free win or not.
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