matchmaking is rigged. Want a proof? Here it is

So today I played a shitload of games. 99% of my teams were trash and nobody could ever have won with them, but I noticed something peculiar : I had tons of yasuos, and every single one was the heaviest burden in my team. The ennemy had ONE yasuo and he hard carried. See for yourself : 5/17, not worth commenting when he's in their team Third one : The end game kda looks average, but when you look at the damages and early kda, that's a totally different story : same thing for this one : he looks like he carried, but in reality, he just fed and lost the game 1/15. In less than 10 games, I saw 5 yasuos. 4 were in my teams, and made us lose. 1 was in the ennemy team, and made them win. Good job convincing yourself this is pure coincidence. And here is a smurf of mine in high silver/low gold : I belong to bronze? LOL IM STOMPING 2 TIERS HIGHER THAN BRONZE. And once again, the pathetic riot's teams are pulling me down with SIX FUCKING GARBAGE STOMPED MIDS IN A ROW.
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