Mordekaiser needs some love

I recently got myself {{champion:82}} and he's a ton of fun. Well being a metalhead may slightly skew my view of him there ;) However the champ is in a very bad spot. I can understand a "design concept" but making a juggernaut that is 100% reliant on a single item ({{item:3116}} ) is not a "concept". It's "back to the drawing board, pronto!" One could overlook that on say a regular mage, but the core idea of juggernauts is to be able to build them in variable ways for variable results. And on others (especially skarner) that is viable. But 0 cc, 0 speed ups, 0 anti-cc Mordekaiser is dead weight without getting rylai's fast. That means 0 early game ad build, no cdr reductions, no tanking, no nadda. To add insult to injury, morde has horrid movement speed, so if not rylai's you'd have to build speed items, again something other juggs needen't do (darius' pull + slows, garens' speed up, skarner's speed up). He deserved better, and he'll slay anyone who disagrees...right after he builds rylai's....again... Adjust him, or introduce some items that can compete with rylai's (slow) that are good for ad build and/or tanks. Do something!

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